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How it works

  • Some requests from us:

  • *Please label or write your name and phone number on your boxes
  • *Please make sure your fridge is empty, defrosted and dry
  • *Please DO NOT store food or beverages of any kind in your boxes or totes.
dorm storage services

Option 1:

Dorm Pick-up: We will come with our truck to your dorm, pickup your belongings, store them over the summer, then redeliver them back to your dorm (curbside).

uhaul storage services

Option 2:

Room Pick-up: Same as option 1 but we will come up to your room to pickup and redeliver them back to your room.

college storage units

Option 3:

Storage Only: You bring your belongings to one of our many convenient locations. You pick them up when you return.